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Configure insecure registry

oc patch -p \
'{"spec":{"allowedRegistriesForImport":[{"domainName":"","insecure":true}],"registrySources":{"insecureRegistries":[""]}}}' --type='merge'

Configure custom/insecure registry to search path in OCP 4.x

In OpenShift 4, the registries configuration is managed by the Image Registry Operator. In order to modify registries parameter, it is only required to modify the object, that manages the /etc/containers/{policy.json,registries.conf} files content under the hood.

In OpenShift versions prior to 4.4 a missing feature of the operator is the ability to remove, modify or append any additional entry to the unqualified-search-registries line in the /etc/containers/registries.conf file to allow search in insecure registries.

Meanwhile, the current workaround is to modify the /etc/containers/{policy.json,registries.conf} files using a machineconfig object instead.

You need to be aware that these files will be overwritten if the object is modified, as they are intended to be managed by the operator. If the object is modifed, the operator will modify the 99-master/worker-<uuid>-registries machineconfig object and will bring back the previous unqualified-search-registries content to the file, so you must avoid to use the after you applied the machineconfig.

The following snippet shows the content of the machineconfig object that modifies the unqualified-search-registries parameter:

kind: MachineConfig
  labels: <MachineConfigPool>
  name: 99-<MachineConfigPool>-container-runtime
      config: {}
        tls: {}
      timeouts: {}
      version: 2.2.0
    networkd: {}
    passwd: {}
      - contents:
          source: data:text/plain;charset=utf-8;base64,<base64_content>
          verification: {}
        filesystem: root
        mode: 420
        path: /etc/containers/registries.conf
      - contents:
          source: data:text/plain;charset=utf-8;base64,<base64_content>
          verification: {}
        filesystem: root
        mode: 420
        path: /etc/containers/policy.json
    systemd: {}
  fips: false
  kernelArguments: null
  osImageURL: ""

NOTE: MachineConfigPool possible values are worker or master. base64_content is the full content of the config files (including the unqualified-search-registries parameter). In order to get the entire content of the file, you can connect to any of the hosts and extract the content (you can use oc debug node/<mynode> as cluster-admin user)

Once the previous file is properly created with the proper file content and the roles to be applied (master, worker, etc.), the MachineConfig needs to be applied to the cluster as:

oc create -f 99_<MachineConfigPool>_container_runtime.yaml

The modification will trigger a reboot on the hosts, so in order to wait for the nodes to be ready, you can use the command below:

oc wait mcp/<MachineConfigPool> --for condition=updated --timeout=600s
Last updated on 21 Aug 2023
Published on 18 Jun 2019
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