OpenShift Tips

Operator-Lifecycle-Manager (OLM)

Disable all default sources

oc patch -p='{"spec":{"disableAllDefaultSources":true}}' --type=merge

Use older version catalogs

This is sometimes useful when you want to install older content on a newer cluster (or the riskier opposite option).

I took a snapshot of the existing catalogsources and modified them to point to 4.9 then disabled default sources and applied my non default sources (under the same names) this is the procedure:

curl -s -L | tar xvz -C ~/bin/
oc project openshift-marketplace
oc neat get catalogsource > sources.yml
sed -i 's/v4.10/v4.9/g' sources.yml
oc patch -p='{"spec":{"disableAllDefaultSources":true}}' --type=merge
oc apply -f sources.yml

I’m using neat to ease getting cluster resources without all the “junk” around them (so included here the command to download that plugin).

Last updated on 7 Feb 2022
Published on 18 Jun 2019
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