OpenShift Tips

Operator-Lifecycle-Manager (OLM)

Disable all default sources

oc patch -p='{"spec":{"disableAllDefaultSources":true}}' --type=merge

Use older version catalogs

This is sometimes useful when you want to install older content on a newer cluster (or the riskier opposite option).

I took a snapshot of the existing catalogsources and modified them to point to 4.9 then disabled default sources and applied my non default sources (under the same names) this is the procedure:

curl -s -L | tar xvz -C ~/bin/
oc project openshift-marketplace
oc neat get catalogsource > sources.yml
sed -i 's/v4.10/v4.9/g' sources.yml
oc patch -p='{"spec":{"disableAllDefaultSources":true}}' --type=merge
oc apply -f sources.yml

I’m using neat to ease getting cluster resources without all the “junk” around them (so included here the command to download that plugin).

Last updated on 21 Aug 2023
Published on 18 Jun 2019
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